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ATF 130G-5

All-Terrain Cranes

Lived efficiency.

One of the distinguished features of TADANO cranes is their high efficiency. The ATF 130G-5 gives some impressive prove. The crane is equipped, for example, with a 18 m boom extension which is mounted to the 60 m main boom. It can be carried along with the crane which has a total weight of 60 t and an axle load of 12 t. As required, the boom extension can be used as a 3.8 m heavy duty jib or as a 10/18 m jib. This means that you neither have to transport and mount the whole boom extension separately nor the heavy duty jib which results in considerable cost savings. And which also enhances the frequency of operation – year by year.
Furthermore, all TADANO All-Terrain cranes starting with ATF 130G-5 are equipped with the unique TADANO Lift Adjuster as a standard which can be activated at the touch of a button. In case of critical loading conditions the Lift Adjuster allows for the easy and quick load pick-up without load swing. It considerably reduces the accident risk during crane operations as the crane driver doesn’t need to watch the radius display and can dedicate all of his attention to the load. Your customer will appreciate this advantage and will prefer you for the assignment of critical jobs.

Cerere Oferta

  • Max. Lifting Capacity
    130 t
  • Boom
    12.8 m - 60 m
  • Boom extension
    3.8 m - 32 m
  • Max. Sheave height
    95 m
  • Max. radius
    76 m
  • Engine
    Mercedes Benz (Euromot III B, EPA Tier 4i)
    carrier: 405 kW (551 HP) / superstructure: 127 kW (173 HP)
  • Gearing mechanism
    ZF-AS-Tronic 12 AS 2302
  • Gear
    10 x 6 x 10 (10 x 8 x 10 option)
  • Dimensions
    Length: 14.85 m
    Width: 2.75 m
    Height: 3.99 m
  • Transport weight
    60 t, 12 t axle load incl. 6.3 t counterweight, 
    3.8 m/10.2 m/18 m boom extension, 63 t hook block, 
    10 t swivel hook, tyres 445/95 R 25 (16.00 R 25)

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